Published: August 21, 2022


Hello! Jessica here. Welcome to our new website! Bruno and I would like to introduce ourselves and update everyone on our new blog! We will be posting news and events here. Most of the blogs will be written by me at Bruno’s direction. We work together on them so the content comes from him. We are excited to bring you more techniques from Bruno and I will work to make sure these are posted often.

A little about us:

This academy is our life. Bruno takes pride in the classes and techniques he teaches and I take pride in making sure the business side runs well. I have a normal job during the day and Bruno takes our little one with him to the gym and trains during the day. He feels it’s important to sharpen his skills and bring back what he learns to his students. We aim to create a family environment and provide the most well rounded Jiu Jitsu possible. Our focus is to keep improving on building a solid academy for all of the current students and for our son to one day be a part of. Whether you are a competitor or just starting out, this is the place for you! Martial arts academies that offer Jiu Jitsu are on every corner now. What makes us special? Come try a class and find out.


Published: August 21, 2022

Categories: Brazilian Jiu Jitsu