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At Mamute we are a family, and our school is bound to become our students’ second home. We are a judgment-free zone, where mistakes are viewed as growth opportunities and your instructors and fellow students are your #1 supporters.

You’ll learn a lot of impressive skills and gain many new abilities at Mamute, but the most important thing you’ll acquire during your time here?

Our community.


Here Mamute Jiu Jitsu, our staff is the secret to our student success. Thanks to our owner and head instructor, Professor Bruno “Mamute” Paulista, students at Mamute are incredibly well-rounded martial artists.


Not only is Bruno a highly trained black belt with a World and Pan American No-Gi Champion title to show for it, but he has a rare training background. Professor Bruno is a representative of both the Jiu Jitsu family lines: Gracie and Fadda. Bruno is one of just two black belts in the United States that the Fadda line recognizes. Because of this, students of Mamute Jiu Jitsu are trained in a way that reflects both sides of Jiu Jitsu’s most influential families – receiving an education unlike any other BJJ school in the country.

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Bruno Rodrigues Paulista:

Owner and Head Instructor

Nickname: “Mamute” meaning “woolly mammoth” in Portuguese.


Bruno is a world champion, a professional MMA fighter and is famous for one of the best open guards in jiu jitsu. Born in Brasilia, the capital of Brazil, Bruno began training in Brasilia advancing to the level of purple belt. In 2005 he moved to Florianopolis, and subsequently in December of 2006 received his black belt. In 2007 Bruno moved to the United States where he currently teaches and trains. Bruno, who has been teaching since 2004, is the head instructor at Mamute Jiu Jitsu in Anaheim where he puts all of his energy into his students. Bruno is fluent in English and his students range from some of the biggest names in MMA to jiu jitsu prodigies to the young enthusiasts in the kids class. Bruno enjoys teaching and watching the way that Brazilian jiu jitsu changes his students lives. His gentle spirit and passion for the sport is what makes him one of the most well-loved instructors to learn jiu jitsu from.



Mitsuyo Maeda > Carlos Gracie Sr. > Crolin Gracie > Alexandre de Souza > Bruno Paulista

Championships & Achievements:



  • 2nd place- World Championships No Gi- Ultra Heavy


  • 1st place- Pan American Championships No Gi- Ultra Heavy
  • 3rd place- World Championships No Gi- Ultra Heavy
  • 2nd place- Pan American Championships- Ultra Heavy


  • 1st place- World Championships No Gi- Ultra Heavy
  • 1st place- American Nationals- Ultra Heavy
  • 3rd place- American Nationals- Open Class
  • 2nd place- Pan American Championships- Ultra Heavy
  • 3rd place- Pan American Championships No Gi- Ultra Heavy

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