Ages 2-4

Toddler Class

The greatest gift a parent can give their child?

Independence. That’s why Mamute Jiu Jitsu offers a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu class made just for our youngest athletes. BJJ has been proven to have a wide array of benefits for toddlers. Not only does it improve coordination, teach discipline, impart the values of a healthy lifestyle, and give kids an opportunity to develop strong friendships, but it is one of the best ways for children to learn important self-defense skills.

Toddler Class



BJJ focuses on ground grappling and requires a quick response time, teaching young martial artists how to defend themselves against larger opponents. Our students are taught the basics of takedowns, takedown defense, and hand fighting. By giving your toddler the tools of self-defense at a young age, you’ll be able to protect them against danger for years to come.




Did you know that Jiu Jitsu translates to “gentle art” in Japanese? One thing that makes BJJ so unique is that it doesn’t rely on force, allowing a smaller and less physically strong individual to overcome a larger opponent. While many other martial arts primarily utilize strikes and kicks, BJJ instead focuses on grappling, holds, and joint manipulations. This is why BJJ is considered by many to be the safest martial art! Now we know what you’re thinking: “That’s great…but how does it compare to other sports and activities?” While all sports and activities have their risks, BJJ sets itself apart from the crowd due to its lack of head injuries. While sports like soccer and football have high rates of head injuries among their athletes, head injuries are rare in BJJ. At Mamute Jiu Jitsu, safety is always our first priority – especially with our youngest students. Our instructors are trained to ensure a safe environment and our toddlers’ classes are specially tailored to their developing abilities and motor skills.



For toddlers, the social aspect of activities is just as important as the physical aspect. For this reason, many parents automatically put their child in sports like soccer or basketball, without even giving Jiu Jitsu a chance. But just because BJJ is an individual sport doesn’t mean that it doesn’t require teamwork! BJJ constantly incorporates collaboration among students, pushing kids to develop important social skills. In addition, the martial arts have a unique focus on personal responsibility. Your child will learn how to practice self-control, exhibit respect, and cheer on their classmates – all while never wasting a minute sitting on the bench.



The first few years of life are essential for not just the rest of a child’s adolescence, but for their adulthood as well (No pressure, right?). Well, science reveals that one of the most important qualities a child can possess is confidence. High self-esteem makes it easier for kids to make friends, do well in school, stand up for themselves against bullies, and follow their dreams. Unlike many other sports, BJJ stresses individual growth. As a martial artist, your child will spend every minute of every class learning new moves, practicing with their classmates, and getting one-on-one help from their instructors. As your toddler gets the hang of cool techniques and is cheered on by their new friends, their confidence will blossom.

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